"You can't put no bandaid on this cancer
Like a twenty-dollar bill
For a topless dancer
You need questions
Forget about the answers
Do you really wanna die this way
That's the trouble with you and me
We always hit the bottom 'fore we get set free
I'm so far down
I'm beginning to breathe"
Lyrics from Over the Rhine Title song: Nobody Number One Album Title: Ohio
When I listen to the song above, I realize how very long I've been holding my breath. It takes my breath away but it's a relief to come up for air.
Art can have that affect on us - whether it's a painting, a movie, a book, or music. Art is meant to get our attention and connect us to our body and our heart. When we're disconnected from our heart and our body, allowing art to affect us can connect us to grief, anger, fear, or sadness that is within us. Often we're afraid to feel this but art gives us a safe outlet. If you're struggling to connect to some scary or confusing emotions inside of you, use art to help you connect and express yourself. Watch a movie, listen to music, go to a local art gallery. And then, create your own art - write a song or a poem or a letter, draw a picture, make a collage, redecorate a room in your house, sing in the shower, dance in your living room. And don't forget to breathe...

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