Escape with me
Nov 23, 2015
One of the world's best inventions (unfortunately marketed toward kids, so I feel pretty weird ordering it myself) is offered by a local coffee shop. It is simply a small cup of whipped cream with multi-colored sprinkles on it. That's it, nothing else. If heaven has a buffet, surely this will be on it. And I can tell you exactly when I want it— after something stressful, when my body is still shaking slightly with the after effects of anxious tension. I just want to escape into that fluffy goodness for as long as it takes. It is the same desire you hear when someone looks at you after a tough event and they say, "man, I could really use a beer."

We all have our things. We all find ways to escape that are unique to us and our stories. We all do it differently, but the point is that we all do it. Some ways we escape are more damaging than others, but we all escape. I often tell clients that my mind works directionally and this is what I mean by that: When I choose to escape (whether it be into food, drugs, work, sex, alcohol or other infinitely creative ways) I am ALWAYS moving away from something. I am numbing something. I am essentially running from some kind of feeling I do not want to be a part of my reality. It is vital to understand that when escape is present, it creates a desire in me to be absent from that feeling. I escape stress, sadness, loneliness, anger, whatever I find uncomfortable. Escape drives me away.
Now to say that all escape is dangerous would be false, as there are degrees to everything. But understanding that the choice for something (whipped cream, beer, etc) is also the choice NOT for something. Escape is the beginning motion of addiction, though it does not always lead to that. All I would invite you to today, is to become aware of what it is that you are escaping FROM. Next week we will explore what it is that we can move toward, which is the other side of escape, the flip of the coin. I always have a choice to escape or to stay in an uncomfortable emotion, but that choice only becomes apparent when I am aware that I am escaping at all. Let's begin there.
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