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As a student considering the vast number of career choices or as an adult looking to switch careers to something more enjoyable, profitable or engaging, the options are endless and daunting. The first problem that presents itself is where to look for information. Then you have to determine who is telling the truth about the jobs that are out there. Then you have to consider whether or not you could even do those jobs that have always sounded so enticing.

Wow. It gets overwhelming pretty fast.

So who do you turn to? Friends? Family? The internet? All of those are good options. But how do you know you are getting the most accurate, up to date information? You don't.

Now what?
Sacred Space Counseling Career Services
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2011 the graduation rate for first time full-time students beginning college in 2005 was 59%. That means that only 59% of students completed their degrees within 6 years of college study. The reasons for that are many, but one of the factors that decreases the likelihood of finishing a degree program within 6 years is simply not knowing what you want to do when you enter college.

What we have to offer:

 Access to up-to-date career and employment information
 Interest Testing to identify areas of passion
 Aptitude Testing to identify areas of strength and relative weakness
 Expertise in matching interests with abilities in a way that will help make choosing areas of study or employment less scary and more likely to be successful
 Clarity through the decision-making process

According to a story in the New York Times from 2012, “Some students go to college knowing exactly what they want to do. But most don’t. At Penn State, 80 percent of freshmen — even those who have declared a major — say they are uncertain about their major, and half will change their minds after they declare, sometimes more than once.”

Add to this fact one more: The Brookings Institute notes that extending college from 4 to 6 years equates to an additional $469 per month in student loan repayments.
Again, Wow.

So what does this mean for me?

You want to be sure of what you are getting yourself into. You want to know that the career or education choice you make is one that will lead to lasting success, significance and satisfaction. You want to know that if you are going to study for 4 years (or 6), the job you are studying for will still be in high demand. You want to know you will be able to do the job, both physically and mentally. You want to know that there will be security in your future.
What you can expect
 Interest Testing targeted towards the Guide for Occupational Exploration fields
 Aptitude Testing to identify strengths and weaknesses
 Up to 2.5 hours of time with a specially trained Vocational Counselor with over 10 years of experience
 Recommendations for careers based on all available information
 Relevant data about what jobs are in high demand, what those jobs pay and how long it will take to train for them
 Confidence that you are making a good decision

How to get started on the road to your future
If you are interested in starting on the road to success, call Rob Deckert at 616-405-4188.
All pricing is package-based and subject to change. If additional time is required to complete career decision-making, time will be billed in quarter hour increments at $30/quarter hour. All recommendations are based on information published by O*NET and a career recommendation is not a guarantee of employment.
Ultimately, a career decision is your own Our services are there to assist in gathering information, analyzing it and making predictions based on valid, reliable and quantifiable information. It is our pleasure to help you on your way to success.

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